Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform
Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform
Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform
Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform
Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform
Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform
Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform
Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform

Vertere Stage-1 Reference Isolation Platform

Brand: Vertere

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The Vertere Reference Record Player System, including the STAGE-1 and STAND-1, is designed to isolate micro movements and vibrations that can negatively impact musical reproduction. The STAGE-1 features a fully mechanical isolation system, top plate level adjustment, and anodized aluminum alloy and cast acrylic construction for enhanced performance and a lifelike dynamic range contrast.

STAGE-1 Reference Isolation Platform

This is probably the world’s first complete reference vinyl record playing system bringing musical experience from vinyl closest to the original recording - master tape or the high resolution digital file. The authority, sheer musical portrayal of the performance, accuracy, detail, the darkest of backgrounds and lifelike dynamics experienced is second to none.

STAGE-1 & STAND-1 are the extension of the RG-1 Record Player | Reference Tonearm combination making a complete vinyl replay system that is almost impervious to what it is supported on. 

Note that it isn’t just isolation of the record player that is important. It is how that isolation impacts on the internal ‘suspension’ of the record player. When a system with several degrees of freedom is introduced in a record player, the integrity of that system working in sympathy with the record player becomes paramount in ensuring faithful musical reproduction.

Almost any type of ‘foreign’ isolation system will have severe consequences resulting in loss of dynamics, clarity, detail, timing and musicality. That is exactly why the Vertere Reference Record Player System has been designed as an entity. Although in many applications there would be no requirement for the STAGE-1 and/or STAND-1, the addition of these would undoubtedly enhance the performance beyond imaginable.

STAGE-1 is designed to address the micro movements/vibrations and ‘noises’ that are present in almost any floor. These can be of such low frequency and amplitude that generally go unnoticed. But not without adverse effect on the music played back!

This Reference Record Player system deals with such movements and noises like no other, providing the tonearm/cartridge/record interface with the calmest environment to do their job.

Why Stage 1?

Experience ‘The Real Deal’ and enjoy recorded music like never before.

  • Fully Mechanical Isolation System

  • Top Plate Level Adjustment

  • Isolation Filter Frequency Adjustment

  • 20mm Cast Acrylic Support Chassis

  • 10mm Anodised Aluminium Alloy/Cast Acrylic Sandwiched Top Plate

  • Stainless Steel/Cast Acrylic Sandwiched Weight Compensation Disc

  • Integrated 6mm Non-resonant Clear Cast Acrylic Dust Cover

  • Anodised Aluminium Alloy Adjustable Support Foot with Felt/Polymer interface

  • LED Illumination System & Power Supply

At the heart of STAGE-1 is the complex mechanical system from the specialist US Company, Minus K Technology.

This incredible mechanical isolation system has several degrees of freedom and it is enclosed in STAGE-1’s bespoke Cast Acrylic main chassis.

The chassis is designed to enclose and support the Minus K isolation mechanism, accommodate the hinged dust cover and provide them with the correct coupling to the supporting structure (Such as STAND-1) via 4 custom-made Aluminium Alloy feet with Felt/Polymer interface.

The complex mechanical isolation mechanism in turn supports the bespoke Aluminium Alloy/Cast Acrylic sandwiched weighted top plate via several Sorbothane decoupling pods.

STAGE-1’s bespoke enclosure coupled with the Minus K Technology Isolation mechanism is designed to ensure the externally induced vibration/movements are isolated without any adverse impact on RG-1’s, internally induced movements, isolation system. This provides the entire system with an enhanced isolation mechanism for both internally and externally induced movements/vibrations and noise. Removing such unwanted disturbances and noise creates such a ‘dark’ background with lifelike dynamic range contrast.


Product Type: Isolation

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