Wharfedale Linton Stands (Pair) Mahogany at Audio Influence

Wharfedale Linton Stands (Pair)

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The Wharfedale Linton speaker stands are designed to enhance the performance of the Linton speakers with precise measurements, stable structure, and perfectly matched wood veneer finish. The stands also offer additional functionality as a host for vinyl records.

Wharfedale Linton speaker stands are purpose-built to enhance the performance of the latest incarnation of the iconic Linton speakers.

The custom engineered Linton Stand offers optimum positioning and mounting for the Linton speaker. Perfectly crafted with matching wood veneer finish, to match the Linton cabinet, the Linton Stand supports the size and weight of the cabinet, while presenting the listening axis perfectly to the seated user.

Precise: Perfected to fraction of a millimeter measurements, the Linton stand is precision manufactured.

Solid: The Linton Stand base plate and structure is perfectly stable and offers critical damping from unwanted vibrations, ensuring you hear the Linton perform as it was intended!

Perfectly matched: The wood paneling features hand matched veneers to perfectly complement the Linton speaker finish.

A view of your music: With additional consideration to the musical purpose and experience, the Linton Stand is also designed to act as a host for your 12” vinyl record collection with perfectly shaped spacing for placement of vinyl records underneath your speakers.



Speaker Stand Dimensions (H x W x D) in : 550 x 410 x 450 mm  
Speaker Stand Weight:  15kg each
Available Colours:  Mahogany, Walnut
Metal Stands with a wood base to match speakers
Height with Spikes: 440mm 
Base Dimensions (W x D) : 300 x 330mm
CBM: 0.1014

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Product Type: Speaker Stands & Mounts

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